Thursday, June 19, 2008

Benefits of chatting rooms

Everything in our life has changed because of technology. The technology changes day by day. The strong revolution in the technology world is the Internet, which is the web net for the entire world. One wondrous thing is that people are chatting to anyone in the world by computer typing. That is a popular action among young and old people. The chatting rooms have many benefits. One of the most important benefits is that chatting increases our information and knowledge in an interesting way; so chatting should be taught in the school.

Students with chatting rooms now have a good classroom for teaching themselves typing on the computer keyboard, and in with a cheep prieces which is significant today, because we never make a research paper by handwriting, and usually we don’t do our homework by handwriting. Therefore, practicing typing is very important to save more time. In my experience when I use CD disks to learn typing, I felt pored, and I did not complete learning, but when I did typing in chatting rooms I learned typing in a short and fun time. They have an interesting time while dealing with computer and Internet. In addition, chatting is good resource for information. “And how can students benefit from it? They can be taken to this cyber environment by their teachers to talk through their fingertips with peers from any part of the world” (Almeida d’Eca, 2003, para. 12). Moreover, people can share information with other people in a short time and receive their solutions with different teams, which is vital with employees in working teams and geographically dispersed teams (Instant messaging and messengers, n.d.).

Besides the of many benefits students can get it from chatting rooms, we should teach people the good way to use chat. This teaching should happen in different places in home by parents, radio, television, and CD disk (Fine, n.d.) and in schools. Students in schools should know the correct way to have good information and good knowledge from chat rooms, because everything around us we can use in a good way or bad way. The teachers in school should make special chat rooms for classes to discuss information and to help each other. And also the teacher can ask students to go to other chat rooms in other countries to ask them about their culture or some information; I think that is an interesting way to learn. “Most students (60.9) believe (the use of technology) improves their learning” (Guess, 2007, para.2).

In conclusion, technology improves day by day, and we have to use that development to help us in our life. We changed a lot of things after Internet’s appearance. One thing that very is most popular in the Internet is chat rooms. So, we have to use the benefits from chat. There are many benefits; one of them is increasing our information, so we have to teach our children and other people how they can use it in a correct way.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Caribbean Sea pollution by oil spills

“Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop pristine, might be the lament of today's Ancient Mariner. Oceans cover more than 70 percent of the planet, and every single spot has been affected by people in some way” (Schmid, 2008, para.1). The water in our planet forms 70.8% of all creatures and contains more than 60% of creatures which live in the sea. Some people on earth depend on the sea as their main source of nutrition. For that reason sea pollution is very dangerous for people’s health and life, and for the environment. So, sea pollution is significant to discuss and study. There are many human activities which are considered the cause of sea pollution. There are many factors of sea pollution; they are garbage, sewage, and oil spills, which is one of the most effected. Pollution causes many damages to the sea world. The most affected species are the coral reefs which are the homes of hundreds of other species. For example, many types of fish feed and breeds in coral reefs (Pitman, 2006). As a result, we find a lot of scientists are trying to find solutions to avoid pollution . Sea pollution is defined as “any rubbish that ends up the water that affects anything that lives there” (What is sea pollution? 2004, para.1). And oil spill is defined as “oil of any type is released into the natural environment” (Smith, 2003, para.1).

Sea pollution and oil spills are as old as ships. The first major oil spill was during Second World War where 590,000 tons of oil were spilt off the coast of the United States(Where did the first major oil spill occur? 2008). In 1967 the tanker Torrey Canyon spilt 119,000 tons of oil off the coast of Cornwall, England. On January 25, 1991, during the Gulf War almost 1.5 million tons of oil was intentionally poured from land into the Arabian Gulf.

There are many of solutions to solve the pollution due to oil spills in the Caribbean Sea. Ships should find others routes to transfer oil and avoid the Caribbean Sea, governments should try to clean polluted waters in the Caribbean Sea, and ship builders should build ships with better qualification to transfer oil, and ship workers should follow strong rules.

The Caribbean has a significant importance to commercial ship lines. In addition, most countries that surround it are oil producers like Venezuela. It is also a famous ship route to transport oil from the Atlantic to the Pacific though the strategic Panama Canal, which was opened in 1914 (Panama Canal, n.d). Sea pollution is a result of this heavy ship traffic. By rerouting ships from using this way to another way to transfer oil for period of time, creatures can come back to the Caribbean. By applying this solution, oil spills and pollution can be prevented and clean up solutions can be initiated.

In case of an oil spill, governments should try to clean polluted waters in the Caribbean Sea. And also, everybody takes part in a cleanup operation. Treatment of an oil spill is different from one to another depending on location, weather or type of oil, but general speaking there are four main methods of response. Firstly, if the oil spill is at a location where it cannot pollute costal regions, cleanup companies leave the oil to break down by natural means. Sun, wind, current and wave action will help reduce the oil spill. Secondly, oil floats on water and forms a thick layer on the surface. This layer can be isolated using inflatable tubes (booms). Later, the spill should be contained with booms and oil should be collected from the surface by skimmer tools. Thirdly, they use chemical to break down the oil. These chemicals speed its natural biodegradation. These chemicals are best used within the first hours of beginning of the spill. Finally, they speed up the natural biodegradation process by adding biological substances (How do you clean up an oil spill 2004).
Finally, ships builders should building ships with better qualification to transfer oil. Also, ships owner should follow certin conditions. The ships should be built with double hulls into vessels, which reduces the risk and severity of a spill in case of a collision or grounding. Existing single-hull vessels can also be rebuilt to have a double hull. Also, ships workers should not overfilling fuel tank and they have to keep engines in a good condition. Another procedure is to put oil sponge pads in the bilge, check the fuel tank and check leaks regularly. Moreover, shut down automatic bilge pumps during repairs. And using good quality oil extends the service life and use lower oil. And also, put spill response equipment and dispose of contaminate in good location without hurt environment. Those will be more helpful to reduce oil spills on the sea (How do you clean up an oil spill, 2004).

In conclusion, sea pollution is dangerous to the sea creature’s lives and then it is dangerous to our health and life. One of the most significant factors to cause sea pollution is oil spills. We have to make global rules to keep the environment and natural places, and give support for help to clean the environment. There are some solutions to clean sea waters in the Caribbean Sea from oil. Such as,we should change the ships routes and avoid the Caribbean Sea, governments should try purification of the sea water, and also they should make specifications for ships which transfer oil. In addition, we have to spread enlightenment about dangers of sea pollution through media and schools. Also, we have to find other solutions to keep our environment from damage.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Impacts of human activities on the oceans

Impacts of human activities on the oceans
In the article “ Study finds human activities affect oceans worldwide,” the author says sea water is very important to human life. 3⁄4 of earth is covered with water. People’s activities are causes of sea pollution in the most countries, which is shown in a map which is made every year by the American Association for Advancement of Science in Boston. One of the most affected areas is the Caribbean Sea, and the least affected areas are near the poles. Pollution causes the killing of fish and animals in the seas, and coral reefs, seagrass beds and shelves. However, there are some small and scattered areas that have a good environment which we have to protect them. Researchers try to find some activities which pollute water such as oil, commercial shipping, climate change, acidification, ultraviolet rays and sea temperature. Also, some researchers found there is no oxygen which is important for life in some water areas. However, there are a lot of areas of water that are not explored, so the House in Congress will give financial support for the next seven years to ocean exploration.

People on earth depend on the sea as their main source of nutrition. Some of these countries are China, Japan and south Asia in general. Humans have a direct impact on sea life. Sea pollution is a result of human activities. Pollution causes many damages on the sea world. There are many human activities which are considered the cause of sea pollution.

These activities include “oil rigs, commercial shipping, species invasion, climate impacts including acidification of ultraviolet radiation and sea temperature, various types of fishing and several types of human related pollution”, ( Schmid,2008). I agree with him boat damage the oil which is chemical products difficult to degrade. Also it prevents the sunshine from going inside the sea which that effects parts of the ocean and the animals which eat the plants. Commercial shipping requires more fuel which may spill in the water or become smoke in the air.

“Demage includes reductions in fish and sea animals as well as problems for coral reefs, seagrass beds, mangroves, rockey reefs and shelves and sea mounts” ( Schmid,2008, para.8). I agree with the author about all these damages such as killing fish because oil layers sit on the sea surface and prevent oxygen and sunshine from going inside water which is the significant resource for oxygen for seas of the world.

In conclusion, humans have to find solutions for sea pollution by finding reasons of make some areas in seas are more expose to pollution than others, and try to prevent the spread of the pollution to other areas. Also, we should purity all polluted seas to protect our life.

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Pollution results of Caribbean Sea

In the article “ Caribbean : Oil, industrial waste gunk up clear blue water,” the author says that we have asked international organizations for help to get solutions for environment problems and sea pollution. The main reason for pollution is few of sewage systems, ships waste, and the dumping of industrial chemical residues and poor handling of solid urban waste. The GEO-3 report pointed to oil spills as another danger for the Caribbean, and 90% of the petrochemical pollution in the Caribbean Sea is from industrial sources in the Gulf of Mexico. But the Mexican researcher says that is a big problem. Gold said that causes of the pollution is small and there are few natural bays. In addition, they will learn from others experiences to prevent pollution problems in the future. Gold attended the regional Workshop on Environment organized by UNEP of bays and Costal Areas in the wider Caribbean; representatives were from seven countries. Protocol identified pollution from local wastewater, agricultural waste, and runoff, and industrial waste senior showed the problems for countries which were economic in nature. The pollution in Venezuela is caused by the oil industry. Also, the mud and sediments from rivers flow into the Caribbean.

The pollution in our environment is a big problem, which the big problem we faced is the sea pollution. For that reason we have to find causes of pollution and the solutions to clean up and to avoid these problems. The author shows the pollution in the Caribbean is not critical and it is related to economics nature, which makes the cleanup of the Caribbean hard.

“In spite of the enormous development of the oil industry, as well as tourism and ports in Caribbean basin, the sitution is not critical, because the coastal population is small and there are few natural bays, gold is quoted as saying. We we are learning from others other’s experiences in order to prevent pollution problems in the future,” (Matos,2006, para.9). I don’t agree with gold about that because I think the pollution in the Caribbean sea is critical; even though the population is small the causes the sea is important resources for nutrition. Every one knows the big effect of pollution on the life of the sea and knows that pollution will spread to other seas and oceans, which will cause us to lose natural, and spread sicknesses among people who have spent a lot of money for health care.

“UNDP earmbarked $10 million from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) is administered by the world bank to fund environmental protection projects at global level they 176 member countries, 32 which are donors”, (Matos,2006, para. 23). I agree with the author with his program to support by many other countries to clean environments. In addition, I suggest making global rules for all countries to keep the environment, by avoid the causes, which pollute the environment.

In conclution, I think we have not ignore the treatment of the environment because it is very dangerous for human health. So, we have to make global rules for keep the environment and natural places and give support for help to clean environment.

Matos, O. (2006, Oct 18). Caribbean: Oil, industrial waste gunk up clear blue waters. IPS- Inter Press Service. Retrieved on May 28, 2008, from LexisNexis

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Water pollution

Water pollution

In the article “ Coral Crisis: Global warming, trawling, pollutants threaten the world’s coral population,” the author says that there are many affects damage Coral Reef life such as worming, catch fish by wide net and pollution. Many scientists are afraid that due to global warming coral reefs will decrease to an extent. They found 70% of coral species are at immediate dangers and 20% of coral reef cannot be repaired. The international Coral Reef Initiative started an awareness year. This year is 2008, which is international year of reef. They hope to attract attention to this natural treasure. Ellycia Harrould is a researcher of with Oceana, calls for conservations of coral systems before they loss their multiplication ability. There are many causes for coral damages like raising ocean temperature. There are also man-made causes such as pollution, trawling, ocean acidification, and other influences. Coral reef systems are very easily broken and sensitive even though the fact that they are the oldest ecosystem on earth. Coral reef is very important to ocean life because it provides more than 4000 fish species with food. Its importance is like the rain forests on land.

The water in our plant is formed 70.8% and contains more than 60% of living being (creature). That means Sea pollution will damage big source of water and kill all creature, which live on it. For that reason Sea pollution is significant to discuss and study so we find a lot of scientist research about the solutions to avoid pollution. The main factors of sea pollution are spilled oil, garbage, and sewage.

Spread oil on the sea is big cause to kill all creatures, which live on it and birds in that area. There are many reasons due to spread the oil on the sea. First, the wars which explosion the petroleum factories then spread on the sea. In my experience, we had war in Saudi Arabia before 20 years, which is kills, all fish, birds, and all creatures. The effects of that pollution are continue until now; there are some of fish extinct and some people say the taste of fish not like before war. Second, drawing transport ships of oil, which is usually happening, around the world. Third, clean fuel tank then skip it on the sea, which contain a lot of oil.

Other main factors of sea pollution are sewage and garbage. In some countries getting away their garbage onto the sea, which contain chemical substances which kill the animals in the sea that is pollute it. Also, in the other countries put the sewage tub go to pour the dirty water to the sea which is the anthor reason to kill animals on the sea.

In conclusion, sea pollution is dangerous on the sea creature life and then it is dangerous to human life. We have to spread enlightenment about seriousness of Sea pollution through media and schools. In addition, we have to find solutions to keep our environment from damage.

Loft, K. (2008, Apr 21). Coral Crisis: Global warming, trawling, pollutants threaten the world’s coral population., Retrieved on May 20, from global-warming-pollutants-th/living

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Interesting place

People some time need to change their routine in vacation to be more comfortable. I traveled to different places and I was interested in many cities such as Chicago and Orlando because they have many interesting places. However, when I went to Smoky Mountains I felt different. It was a great place. I was very happy there because it had what I wanted. It has great natural places and entertainment facilities at the same time. I lived in a cabin with a mountain view and river on the other side; it was an amazing view. In the morning, we were going to Gatlinburg Mountains and hiking, which is my favorite sport. Some days we changed our plans and went to the theme park or museums. At night, we were going home to our cabin, taking a hot tub in front of the mountains, and reading book. Finally, I found a place, which combined natural and entertainment; it is the best place.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Business Culture of Saudi Arabia

“There are seven billion people in the world but we live in a village … a global village”, Thomas and Inkson said. What they mean is that the business culture can be learned from either reading articles in newspapers, magazines, or watching television. The business culture in my country, Saudi Arabia, is something different from other cultures. But don’t worry, you can be successful if you know the three most important business culture techniques in my country. They are business appointment, greeting, and conversation.
One of the general culture aspects in my country is making appointments in advance and trying to arrive on time or casually late. In addition businessmen usually invite their visitors to dinner at a hotel or restaurants which don’t require tips. At the end of a business meeting they usually exchange gifts from both of their cultures. These are the general business culture aspects which you must know before visiting Saudi Arabia.
Another business culture aspect is the greeting between business people. The greeting between men is to shake hands when they meet or leave someone. Women shake hands and kiss each other’s check three times when they meet and only shake hands when they leave. But the greeting between men and women is talking without shaking hands or kissing. These are the general greeting traditions in my culture.
The third and most important business culture aspect is conversation. The conversation between business people is about national/international politics, weather, and sports. In order to make conversations more comfortable with others we do not talk about racial issues, religion, or private family matters. Those are how business people make conversations in Saudi Arabia.
Finally, the most important factor for business people is to learn the business culture in other countries such as making appointments, greeting one another, and conversation. They must also change their practices to be compatible with other cultures and to avoid common misconceptions about others in order to be successful in their goals.